JC Chasez Tells Socialite Life An ‘NSYNC Reunion Is Not Happening

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So last week, before all these crazy rumors about ‘NSYNC reuniting at the VMAs started, we got the word from JC Chasez himself that an NSYNC reunion definitely wasn’t happening.

He told Socialite Life:

“I understand, people love the songs and everything like that. But, you know, we would have to be doing it for the right reasons and the reason we were a band and we felt like we were successful is because we were invested in everything we were doing. We believed in everything we were doing. And we did everything we were inspired to do.”

Well this brings a lot of sadness. 

Luckily, I still got to meet him and I did not pass out as I thought I would.

Check out the video above of JC telling us all the reasons a reunion probably won’t happen and check back next week to see what else the best member of ‘NSYNC is up to. Think he was lying through his teeth and they will be reuniting at the VMAs on Sunday? Check back in with Socialite Life to find out!