Jay-Z Homeless?

Female First reports that Jay-Z might have to find a new incredibly hot crib to put Beyonce up in.

Hip hop heavyweight Jay-Z is about to be evicted by the owner of his $27 million (£14.5 million) luxury New York City apartment.

The rapper – real name Shawn Carter – has been paying $40,000 (£21,000) a month to rent the four bedroom pad in plush Time Warner Center since September 2005.

But owner, telecom boss Michael Hirtstein, is selling up – intending to make a healthy profit on the $15.7 million (£8.4 million) he paid for the apartment in 2004 – reports the New York Post.

More on Jay-Z’s struggle to keep from being homeless after the jump.


Jay-Z will struggle to find a new home to match the criteria his current pad boasts – as well as a private terrace and its own library, it has a telescopic view of his girlfriend Beyonce Knowles’ apartment across Central Park.

According to reports, the rap boss is planning to move straight into a $6.85 million (£3.7 million) penthouse he has been renovating for the last two years in the TriBeCa district.

Someone tell Hova we have room here at my gay-ass crib. He can hang his Ralph Lauren Purple Label suits beside my Old Navy hoodies and the boyfriend’s flannel shirt that he bought at Tar-jhay.

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