Jay-Z And Beyonce Ready To Seal The Deal?

If all of these rumors are to be believed, then tomorrow, Jay-Z will stop getting the milk for free. Ha! It’s time to buy the cow, bitch! It’s now being speculated that the couple is planning on getting married tomorrow, five days after applying for a New York state marriage license.

A witness described to People magazine how they looked when obtaining their license, “They were very polite and smiling as they filled out the paperwork. They were holding hands for a while. They looked really happy.”

That’s not the only happy union in the rap mogul’s future–he’s leaving music label Def Jam to join LiveNation for a sweet $150 million. The deal is LiveNation’s most expensive deal yet after landing U2 and Madonna–as well as its most comprehensive. Smart move, B, tying the knot before Jay signs this big deal. I’m just kidding, she worked hard and sacrificed to get what she gets! Ladies, it ain’t easy being independent!

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com