Jay-Z Introduces Himself To A Cute Old Lady On The Subway [VIDEO]

December 5th, 2012 // Leave a Comment
Jay-Z Ellen Grossman subway ride
"I'm Jay."

This video of the run-in has gone viral, and for good reason. Jay-Z can be seen fending off fans and paparazzi as he tries to get into the subway car, and ends up sitting next to an old woman who says her name is Ellen. “Are you famous?” she asks him. He replies back in good spirits, “Yes, not very famous, you don’t know me … but I’ll get there someday.”

The two talk about how he opted to take the subway to the Barclays Center show instead of driving, and she tells him that she’s “proud” of him for that decision. It was only at the end of the conversation, when Ellen asks Jay Z to repeat his name for her and he says, “Jay, Jay Z,” that she realizes she’s sitting next to one of the most famous names in the music business.

“Oh, you’re Jay Z!” she says. “I know about Jay Z.” 

By the way, the cute little old lady was noted New York artist Ellen Grossman.

I kind of have a crush on Jay-Z now.

By Miu von Furstenberg

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