Jay Cutler Gives The Finger, Sets A Fine Example For Unborn Son [PHOTOS]

That’s a fine howdoyoudo, Jay Cutler.  Don’t get all pissed at us because your teammate is a gum flapper!

Cutler’s Chicago Bears teammate Earl Bennett spilled the beans on the sex of Cutler’s baby with fiance Kristin Cavallari on Chicago sports talk radio show Boers and Bernstein Show May 1st.  “New toys, a baby on the way – he’s having a boy – and, you know, I’m excited for Jay,” Bennet said, according to the New York Daily News.  “It’s a great time.”

It wasn’t until after the interview that B&B realized the key piece of information Bennett gave away.  “Jay’s having a boy,” the talk show hosts said. “I don’t think anybody knew that before then.”

So much for keeping the sex of the baby a secret.   I can see it now: Cavallari has a friggin’ meltdown a la Laguna Beach, swearing like a banchee and yelling “whatever dude” to no one in particular in her Chicago home.  

Secretly, Cavallari must love it.