Javier Beltran Talks ‘Little Ashes’

March 30th, 2009 // 9 Comments

An older interview with Little Ashes star Javier Beltran reveals the director’s intent to convey the romantic connection which existed between Spanish artists Federico Garcia Lorca and Salvador Dali. According to Beltran, who took on the role of playwright Lorca, “its not just the story of two people.”

He goes on to explain why director and cast felt it was so important to truthfully convey the true nature of their relationship: “Even though the homosexuality between the two is there and you only need to open three or four books to prove it because it has not been hidden, the director did not try to hide from it with the consensus of all the actors.”

Ultimately, he claims the goal was to determine “how much Lorca is in Dalí’s [played by Robert Pattinson] work and how much Dali is in Garcia Lorca’s work.”

And to get RPattz to sashay around with a fake mustache.

Gallery Info: Robert Pattinson and Javier Beltran film scenes from Little Ashes.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. rudy

    My, my, RPatti really cannot act. Take away the flaring nostrils, perpetual petulant pout, and greasey visage and you have…nothing else.

  2. dutch

    Totally disagree. I think he has just been disadvantaged by Twilight. Plus, that is all what Dali did anyway . . . flare, glare, create, and tantrums!

  3. joe

    Report on Little Ashes at the Cine Lumiere in London
    Posted on PattinsonOnline:

    “Little Ashes was shown tonight at the Cine Lumiere in London as part of the “Lorca on Film” film series. The film was introduced by director Paul Morrison and screenwriter Philippa Goslet. Anja was there and sent us her report:

    What can I say, I laughed and cried, I love when a film moves me like that. Outstanding performances by both Rob and Javier, beautiful settings, music and supporting cast. At first I just saw Rob, then I began to see Saldavor. Rob really put his heart and soul into the role.

    After the film, Paul and Phillipa did a Q&A. Phillipa said she drew the first draft back in 2000. Someone asked if they had considered filming the movie in Spanish to which Morrison replied “every other day!” He continued “the story has been around for over 20 years and no Spanish film maker has ever told it. These two great artists belong to the world and we wanted to tell their story to a wide audience. The poetry readings were kept in Spanish, we had to do that for Lorca.”

    When asked about the casting, Morrison explained that to begin with, they had a big budget which drew some big names but it just never felt right. After careful consideration and changes to the budget, Rob was approached – originally for the role of Lorca! But soon Morrison realized that Rob could identify so much better as Dali, as they share the same kind of intelligence. Rob “completely immersed himself into the role of Dali”. Morrison spent a lot of time with Javier and Rob on his own, until the chemistry was right.

    During the break before the Q & A, I spotted Rob’s parents and had a chance to say hello. I told them how much I loved their son’s work. They told me it was their second time of seeing it. Rob’s sisters were also there. The theatre was at full capacity and I think a lot of people will spread the Little Ashes love!


  4. isa

    ignore “rudy” – his remarks are irrelevant.
    Compare that to the director’s (Morrison) comments: Little Ashes” will make Robert Pattinson an even bigger star because of what he can show as an actor . . .
    Plus, he auditioned for this film and was chosen to do Dali instead…. it is not like he was chosen for his looks!!!!!!

  5. Rachel

    I’ve had the sense that Rob’s got talent hidden under the hordes of screaming Twilight fangirls and I’m looking forward to seeing this movie and finally being able to determine just to what extent his skill goes. The audio for this clip was bad but I love the little ditty he did at the end.

  6. Tam

    HAHA!! Loving the dance part.
    Looks like a good film and am sure it was hard for them both to play homosexual roles.
    Think they did a good job.
    As far as I’m concerned I’d love to see ‘rudy’ try and pretend to be homosexual when hes actually straight in real life.
    I’d find it so difficult trying to play the role of a lesbian :|
    I also think that Rob Pattinson’s fans are taking the twilight scene too far. GET A LIFE!! Actors are just normal people!

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