Jason Trawick Is Officially A Hot Mess

Here’s an item for all you salty little bunnies out there.  One industrious photo agency decided to put together the greatest hits of one Mr. Jason Trawick, boyfriend-slash-former-manager of Britney Spears.

They are quick to point out, though very diplomatically, that Jason has taken an epic downward spiral in the last year, going from prep-meister general (that’s a technical term) to grungy hipster.  If you were dating a woman who couldn’t be bothered to de-bug her weave before leaving the house, you would probably skip a shave here and there too!

In a weird way, I almost kind of prefer dirty-version Jason.  It’s kinda sassy.  But those God damn flip-flops need to go.  Some things should stay a mystery.  Amiright?

Anyhoo, look through the gallery and take a sad journey with us, in which a happy, well-adjusted man sinks into a sordid life of Doritos, fro-yos, and tiny pubic combs.  Enjoy!