Jason Momoa gets a Conan daddy

Seriously, look at burly hunk Jason Momoa leaving Chateau Marmont. The model who was recently cast in Conan the Barbarian was meeting wife Lisa Bonet, Lisa’s daughter
Zoe and her father (Lisa’s ex- husband) musician Lenny Kravitz.

Whoa. Can I just say how Lisa Bonet has some pretty nice luck in the husband category?

Anyhow, Conan’s got a daddy now. Oscar nominated actor, Mickey Rourke is confirmed to star alongside Momoa, according to Moviefone. This just adds to the extensive project list Rourke already has.

So how ’bout it, can you picture this? I’m hoping the loin cloth and topless scenes will remain strictly for Momoa.

Actually, I’m still disappointed Momoa won the role over Kellan Lutz. Both good looking, but Lutz’s smile makes me melt.