Jason Lewis Is Single And Looking

If you forgot for a second that Jason Lewis started out as a model here’s a delicious reminder. The Sex and the City 2 star went to meet up with friends yesterday and I wish I was one of them. Look at the pose of him leaning over the car door…swoon. Blondes aren’t even my thing and I didn’t know glasses were my thing. The guy looks good smart.

Apparently this is one of the qualities he would like in his next girlfriend. “I think you have to be athletic, have intelligence and humility – let’s start with those three traits and go from there,” the face of Charisma bedding told In Touch. Damn, I’m screwed. Where are my fake glasses….?

He also told the magazine a bit about his appearance in the Sex and the City sequel. “He’s totally in another place” he says of his character Smith Jared. Another place like married, or another place like the desert?

Lewis might be in another place soon, specifically Rio. It looks like he’s carrying the book How To Be A Carioca in his hand, a book about alternative touring sites in Rio. If only he were carrying a plane ticket with dates and notes on hotel reservation to…