Jason Lewis Thinks You Smell, Ex-Girlfriend

Jason Lewis
had a problem with odor. Not his, some chick he used to date. Now who could that be? He’s been linked with Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Esposito. And he had a fairly lengthy relationship with Rosario Dawson. Does Ro Ro reek? She’s too pretty to stink!

“I remember thinking, ‘Your arms stink, your breath stinks. Oh God, even your hair stinks.’ I asked a female friend, ‘What do I do? Slip her acidophilus when I cook for her?'” he said. Lewis isn’t naming the girl because libel suits can be scary. Then again, what girl wants to be lifting up her arms in court for the jury to sniff?

Maybe it’s Aniston, it could be why she looks sad all the time. Scrub it down and perfume it up! Lewis stars in the Sex and the City movie opening this Friday.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline

More photos of Jason Lewis shopping for rings (and having a tough time doing so) are after the jump.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline