Jason Lewis Thinks You Smell, Ex-Girlfriend

May 27th, 2008 // 16 Comments

Jason Lewis
had a problem with odor. Not his, some chick he used to date. Now who could that be? He’s been linked with Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Esposito. And he had a fairly lengthy relationship with Rosario Dawson. Does Ro Ro reek? She’s too pretty to stink!

“I remember thinking, ‘Your arms stink, your breath stinks. Oh God, even your hair stinks.’ I asked a female friend, ‘What do I do? Slip her acidophilus when I cook for her?’” he said. Lewis isn’t naming the girl because libel suits can be scary. Then again, what girl wants to be lifting up her arms in court for the jury to sniff?

Maybe it’s Aniston, it could be why she looks sad all the time. Scrub it down and perfume it up! Lewis stars in the Sex and the City movie opening this Friday.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline

More photos of Jason Lewis shopping for rings (and having a tough time doing so) are after the jump.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline

By J. Harvey

  1. dezboy

    Doesn’t Jen smoke? All smokers have horrible breath and it def gets all up in your hair.

  2. Centurian

    Weed, tobacco, coke, dogs, Sashimi, veeeegan and ano-vomit power-shakes.. Yep it’s Jen.

  3. alla

    he never dated Jennifer. plus he said he never met her. get a life

  4. Anon1

    They have been photographed together a few times so..

  5. those who know

    Maxine Bahns!! She participates in triathalons.

  6. Ashley

    Rosario sometimes looks like she smells.

  7. Shar

    Who says it is one of the famous gf? I doubt it’s Jennifer Aniston, she looks impeccably groomed from head to toe. Rosario Dawson would be my guess, if it was one of the famous ones.

  8. someone

    I saw an interview where Jason said hes never even met Jennifer…and they have never been photographed together,,

  9. Makela

    it doesn’t make sense that it’s Rosario because they were together for so long. Who wants to date someone for years if they stink?

    My money’s on Monet Mazur. They dated really briefly.

  10. Stacey

    that guy with Jason is Todd DiCiurcio, he’s a famous visual artist

  11. Dyvahdoc

    plus Jen Aniston takes testosterone to stay skinny-this makes you smell like a man-i.e. you stink

  12. it’s Jen – the reference to the hair gives it away. smoking will do that.

  13. DollCake

    I love the smoking smell :P

  14. desiree

    if you don’t fit with someone genetically, this person will always “stink” for you. it doesn’t mean that the girl really was stinky.

  15. be145

    Didn’t he briefly date someone while in bollywood? That would be my guess. Sorry to say but the culture eats curry and it lingers.

  16. Anonymous

    He also dated Michelle Trachtenberg, but my money is Tara Reid, she’s got to stink.

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