Jennifer Aniston’s New Man?

January 3rd, 2008 // 8 Comments

At least Jason Lewis has a sense of humor. Or he’s having a stroke. Call a medic. Last Friday we ran a photo of a “mystery man” boarding the jet carrying dour Jennifer Aniston, her best friend Courtney Cox-Arquette and the assuredly annoyed at having to share his wife with her single best friend all the time David Arquette to Mexico for a holiday. Supposedly Capt. Mysterious is Jenn’s new armcandy. Reports are now saying that the dude in question is “Sex and the City’s” Jason Lewis. He played Kim Cattrall’s boytoy Smith on the series and was most recently involved with Rosario Dawson. My only concern is that…well go here. The reports are saying Fedora Guy is Jason Lewis. Uh, Jason Lewis if he was playing Tom Sizemore maybe. I’m not buying it. Maybe he stowed away in her luggage next to the Angelina Jolie voodoo doll. But that ain’t him. I’m calling a foul. Everyone’s also saying she’s pregnant. I think we’re all really desperate for Jennifer Aniston to stop being so damn boring and do SOMETHING.

Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. km

    is it just me, or does that nose scream plastic surgery?

  2. HelenSparkles

    Ever since I heard this rumour I have imagined them chatting/moaning about how hard it is to be taken seriously as an actor when you are beautiful. Jen even tried to be a shop girl and Jason was gay in Brothers and Sisters, will they have pulled it off?! I think not.

  3. someone

    I read on another site, that the fedora guy was the pilot..and from the pics I’ve seen, Jennifer isn’t there with anyone..and shes looking fine.

  4. Ugh

    Love her and don’t find her boring at all. She appears to just be living her life and having fun.

  5. Shelly

    He kind of looks like a guy my cousin went to college with in California,But it can’t be because he was so quiet and his father was a judge or was it lawyer?

  6. joan durtz

    He is actually attractive for a blonde. Most of them are boring milk-toast types. He’s hot.

  7. Esther Greenwood

    The prospect of Aniston with Lewis is to delightful to put into words…Braje who?

  8. blady02

    Jennifer have his baby your child will be gorgeous and Brad the has been will eat his heart out. Oh I am sorry Angie already ate his heart and his looks. Rock on Jenn!

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