Jennifer Aniston’s New Man?

At least Jason Lewis has a sense of humor. Or he’s having a stroke. Call a medic. Last Friday we ran a photo of a “mystery man” boarding the jet carrying dour Jennifer Aniston, her best friend Courtney Cox-Arquette and the assuredly annoyed at having to share his wife with her single best friend all the time David Arquette to Mexico for a holiday. Supposedly Capt. Mysterious is Jenn’s new armcandy. Reports are now saying that the dude in question is “Sex and the City’s” Jason Lewis. He played Kim Cattrall’s boytoy Smith on the series and was most recently involved with Rosario Dawson. My only concern is that…well go here. The reports are saying Fedora Guy is Jason Lewis. Uh, Jason Lewis if he was playing Tom Sizemore maybe. I’m not buying it. Maybe he stowed away in her luggage next to the Angelina Jolie voodoo doll. But that ain’t him. I’m calling a foul. Everyone’s also saying she’s pregnant. I think we’re all really desperate for Jennifer Aniston to stop being so damn boring and do SOMETHING.

Photos: WENN