Jason Bateman Not Happy About JasonBateman.Com Porno Site

Jason Bateman was less than thrilled to find that his namesake is being used to redirect to a  hub for gay porn websites. The actor swiftly took legal action to have the website taken down. While the funnyman certainly has a sense of humor, I don’t blame him for not wanting to effectively harbor porn!

“Jason Bateman was a big gay porn site. JasonBateman.com. It was for a
long time. We sent some lawyers on that,” the actor said, pictured dining in Malibu with his wife on Saturday. But of course he did see the whole thing as a little bit funny. “It was worse – it wasn’t even
a gay porn site. It was a gay porn hub. ‘From here you can go to
thousands of porn sites!'” 

Why do I have a feeling that this is the techie backlash for Apple-gate