Jason Bateman Doesn’t Seem Too Sorry About Cutting The Line

June 30th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Jason Bateman issued an apology a little too late about his total line-cut for the iPhone 4. The actor slipped past 2000+ people waiting in line last week for the much-hyped gadget. However, at first, he seemed none too phased by the hoopla that followed on the internet and on shows like The View. (Hello!? How did Matt Kemp and Rihanna slip by without a riot!)

To this he only said, “There
wasn’t one boo. Not one hiss. The Apple guy brought me in away from the
paparazzi. Period. I was content in line. I wish I’d stayed.”
Whew! Touchy!

However, after everyone basically agreed that was BS (is Jason Bateman REALLY that high on the paparazzi’s list?!) he issued a second apology that was a bit more, uh, apologetic.

Correction- If there were boos, I didn’t hear them. If some were mad, I didn’t see them,” Bateman said, pictured in NYC on June 15. “I wish I had.
If you’re out there, I’m sorry.”

A blogger called him out on this saying that confirmed that people “were groaning, making comments in MY earshot of his not having to wait in line and some boos.”

Too little, too late Jason…

By Lola Robertson

  1. Bud

    OhNooo! Jason Bateman cut a line when invited to! Big freaking do. Everyone knows Jason Bateman is one of the nicest people in Hollywood or anywhere else for that matter. Try to find something interesting for your blog.

  2. hoosiermom

    I love Jason Bateman. I’d let him cut in front of me in any line! Also, the correct word is “fazed”, not “phased”. I’ve seen that used incorrectly quite a lot lately.

  3. daws

    Who the hell cares?! He was in Arrested Development. As far as I’m concerned he shouldn’t have to stand in another line for the rest of his life. I would have spazzed out and mauled him if I was in that line. J’adore AD!

  4. Tobias

    Yeah who really gives a shit what he does, he skipped people because “stars” get treated better than most. Not news. So he could tell everyone to fuck off and i’d love it, even if he told me that. Arrested Development was amazing and he seems nice enough. Slow news day obviously. For those waiting in line for the new phone, get a life or just wait you impatient whiny bitches.

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