Jason Segel And Leslie Mann Have A Good On-Set Giggle [PHOTOS]

Jason Segel and Leslie Mann were spotted filming a workout scene in Los Angeles today, hopefully confirming that Segel will join Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up spin-off.  There have been no reports about Segel being part of the cast, nor has IMDB listed him on the untitled’s project’s page (it’s working title right now is This Is Forty).  Melissa McCarthy and Megan Fox recently joined the cast, however, which also boasts the adorable Chris O’Dowd.

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This is what we’re imagining this scene to be like: Since Segel’s character, Jason was most smitten with Mann’s character, Debbie, we now find Segel out of his warm-up suits and working as a personal trainer to wealthy SoCal wives.  Oh look!  Debbie and Jason have been partnered up!  Is Deb still having trouble letting go of Pete’s secret fantasy baseball league meetings?