Jason Momoa Talks About Being ‘Conan The Barbarian’

Jason Momoa is a man. Like, a real, big-ass, buff dude. So it really only stands to reason that he would be the perfect Conan in Conan the Barbarian. OK, maybe the second perfect Conan, cause really, who can beat Arnold Schwarzenegger? Anyway, Mr. Momoa took some time out of his day to answer questions for bloggers and Conan fans. There’s even a fun video of him answering the questions after the jump.

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Here are some highlights from the questions and answer session:

  • What was your favourite scene or moment in the movie to film?
    What I trained the hardest for was this charge that we did. I fought twenty guys and then I went  lopping off heads. It’s the first fight that you see of Conan. He’s coming in and he’s saving these slave girls. It’s obviously just a bunch of naked women getting whipped by guys. And I come in and save the day and take them to the nearest pub.
  • How did you train for the role?
    We had about four to six weeks to get ready. It was tons of weight training and cardio. Because we had to put mass on very quickly it was a lot of heavy weights and a pretty strict diet.
  • Do you consider Conan to be more of an anti-hero or an amoral swordsman?I consider him the anti-hero. What I did love about him and what I enjoyed about him is that he isn’t the hero. He’s put into places where he does heroic deeds. And I do like that about him.
  • Did you draw on any of the Hawaiian warrior legends you grew up with when stepping into the mind and role of Conan?
    Having that warrior race within me, it’s definitely something that’s maybe easier for me — it’s just one of those things I can harness and do on a whim. Also, being a father, anyone that’s a father you know what’s to live and die for. I think you can really go to those places.
  • Who’s hotter: Xena Warrior Princess or Red Sonja?
    I think I’ll take both of them.