Jason Biggs Insisted On A Full-Frontal For ‘American Reunion’

Ready For A Close-up Yet?
Biggs and Chris Klein spotted filming 'American Reunion' in GA.
Wow, the American Pie franchise still lives on? Who knew?

The iconic turn-of-the-century movie series has a new flick coming out entitled American Reunion, which premiered in Paris this past Monday. Stars such as Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy, Jennifer Coolidge, and Chris Klein came out for the Parisian premiere of the eighth (!) installment of the raunchy saga.

Fun fact:  Apparently, Biggs was “adamant” that his character’s full-frontal was, uh, his full-frontal. It’s made pretty clear that it’s no one else:  “The first shot looks like it could have been a stunt person, but then we had the wider shot to show that it is him.”

Well, looks like someone doesn’t have anything to hide! Wonder if it’ll be enough to bring movie-goers to the yard. The movie will be uh, coming, to a theater near you on April 6th.