Jasmine Waltz’s Hot Bikini Photo Shoot [PHOTOS]

In Jasmine Waltz’s latest bikini photo shoot, she is the perfect vision of  sultry seduction. Ms. Waltz is clad in a simple, black sting bikini while posing on the beach with the light ocean in the background and her long brown locks flowing in the wind.

Ms. Waltz, the hot, infamous Hollywood vixen has been romantically linked to several leading gentleman, such as David Arquette, Jesse McCartney, Doug Reinhardt, Chris Pine, and Ryan Seacrest.

PHOTOS: Jasmine Licks An Ice-Cream Coke and Washes Her Car In A Bikini!

Last year, on Howard Stern, David Arquette blatantly announced to world that he and Waltz were sleeping together. At the time, Arquette, and Courtney Cox were separated. Also, at Millions of Milkshakes, she had a signature milkshake named after her called “Jasmine’s Sinful Delight.” Recently, Waltz’s sex tape, titled Jasmine Waltz: Hollywood It Girl was released and reported sold out. Get it girl.