Jared Leto’s Just Not Believable

We love the fact that British music critics are so honest. Here’s what Terry Bezer from Kerrang! had to say about Jared Leto’s recent 30 Seconds To Mars performance:

“Everything just seemed so false and scripted,” he said. “It was almost like, there was one part of the show where he stood at the front of the stage and kind of went to launch himself into the audience. You’re used to a frontman taking a full-blown run-up and diving into the crowd, this was a sort of half-hearted flop against the barricade and then having one of the security guards hold him in the air, it was a bit of a Messiah complex moment.”

“It’s kinda tricky because they did hit peaks in parts,” he explained. “The singles, The Kill and From Yesterday, both got rapturous receptions, and before the band started everyone was holding roses at the front.

“But to be honest with you, he’s just not believable.”


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