Jared Leto Has Dumped Ashley Olsen

After just one week? This sounds more like a sex hook-up than a relationship. No word on how Ash is taking the news.

A source tells Star that the Hollywood heartbreaker has dropped Ashley Olsen, 19, just a week into their summer fling.”Jared enjoyed his brief time with Ashley, but now he’s not returning her calls. He’s pretty much moved on,” says a friend of the actor. The news follows a brief affair that saw the pair dirty dancing at a Hollywood bowling alley on June 30.

“I don’t think Jared wants Ashley tarnishing his edgy image. He’s getting a little fed up with younger women, and may look for someone close to his own age next.

I’m sure Jared Leto and his tool will move on very quickly.

(Jared Leto image via Jared-Leto.Org)

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