Jared Leto: Before And After

January 20th, 2006 // 15 Comments

All for the love of one’s craft. Just imagine if he took on a, “Marlon Brando: The Later Years,” type of project.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. isabel

    OMG! R u sure its the same guy?

    I m soooo shocked.

    He had such a bode to die for last time.

    Wad happened????

  2. sssssssss

    that’s a fat suit, right?

  3. Mariana

    His face is full too, so he might have gained weight for the role.

    The real Chapman (aside from being a sick, useless waste of space) was no prize. Scary resemblance. I was doubtful at first when I heard about the casting, but the pics have dashed that.

  4. doofus

    looked like a fat-suit to me, too, but I agree with Mariana – his face is fatter, too…however, there ARE facial prosthetics that a lot of make-up artists use.

    and based on what I’ve read about this guy (TOTAL DOUCHEBAG!), he doesn’t seem like the type to put on weight for a role, a la DeNiro, Clooney and Hanks. He’s just not that “serious” of an actor. I think the guy is too vain to have really gained weight for the role, plus, in recent (paparazzi) pics I’ve seen of him, he’s not fat like that.

  5. gia

    that is probably a fat suit & it looks like he has cotton or something stuffed in his cheeks. i dont think his face would naturally get fat that way…just in the jowls.

  6. monkeyhateclean

    It’s a fat suit. The pic is from the filming of Chapter 27. Check getty images and you can see a picture of him (thin) just back in November. No one can pack on that many pounds that fast.

  7. monkeyhateclean

    [Forgot to add...]

    …unless he’s pregnant with Brad Pitt’s twins.

  8. krissy

    er, actors, even when they gain weight for a role, usually dont gain more than 40-50 pounds, and he looks almost 100 pounds heavier…i bet its a fat suit, and maybe facial prothestics

  9. Tweeka Twink

    Hmmm…I wonder if his penis got FATTER too!! YUMMMMMM

  10. noah

    first of all he is not a douche…he’s actualy a total sweetheart, almost like a child (hugging,teasing..) when I met him. when I saw him in the beginning of december with 30 seconds to mars.. that is his band, he did gained at least 20 pounds(and actualy told people he had to gain a lot more weight for a movierole), you could realy see he had put on weight, so it is not impossible to gain another 30 pounds in one month.I think youre right about the fat suit on his tummy, but the face is natural,no prosthetics there…He just gained a lot of weight.

  11. amelie

    I’m sure he is not a vain actor and he actualy does everything to put up a good actingpreformance.
    –> in requiem for a dream he los 30 pounds,stoped eating,spend time on the streets of NY to get to know the lifestyle of the kind of character he played,promised the director to not have sex for a whole month,and the director darren aronofsky said in an interview he didn’t even asked him to do that.
    —>lonley hearts(movie is not yet released)he had to wear a wig because his character was half bald,he didn’t want that so he asked if they could do it the natural way by plucking out his hair, and eventualy shaved his head completly bald. this are also the words of the director:
    ” Jared Leto also had very little in common with Fernandez when he first expressed interest to me about the roll of Fernandez. Arguably one of the best looking young men in Hollywood, his commitment was equal to Salma’s. When not wearing the hairpiece built for him, he sat in a make-up chair for hours having his thick, beautiful hair plucked from his head.”

    these are just a few examples , but I got more stories of how dedicating he was for some roles, but I’ll spare you those since this is already a very long post.
    and now he is gaining this amount of weight for this movie, so don’t go saying he’s a vain actor who only cares about his good looks, cause if he wanted that he would take some teenbeat roles.

  12. doofus

    noah, I hate to break it to you, but yours is the FIRST I’ve ever heard of this guy being “nice”.

    I’ve read several stories from people who’ve met him in a professional way, and he was a total douchebag to them. thinks his sh*t don’t stink, is what their opinions came down to.

    good to hear that he treats (some of) his fans well, but he’s not great to work with.

  13. Kymmethy

    At least he has two arms in this movie

  14. Laura MIller

    jared leto is a serious actor.
    for his role in requiem for a dream,
    he lost 28 pounds which he had to starve himself to do.

  15. stacey

    no, it’s him. he gained the weight. is it that unheard of that an actor would change his/her appearance for a specific role? they’re ACTORS. that’s their profession. if they can’t do that, what can they do?

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