Jared Padalecki Talks Justin Bieber Tweet: ‘I Have A World Full Of 12-Year-Olds Trying To Kill Me’

Shirtless Jared Padalecki
The 'Supernatural' star had a fun time in Rio!
When Jared Padalecki sent his Tweet about Justin Bieber out into the universe earlier this week, he had no idea it would cause such drama!

E! News caught up with the Supernatural star on the red carpet at last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards to chat about the “feud,” and Jared’s answers were hilarious.

“I was like, ‘Uh, Justin Bieber’s buddies are gonna beat me up.’ It was like, ‘Don’t touch our idol!’ I was like, ‘I was as just kinda sending a joke.’ “ Jensen Ackles also got a good laugh out of it. 

He even joked that Jared was worried “about 3 million 7-year-olds coming to [his] front door to kick the crap out of [him].” Jared added, “Listen, I have a world full of 12-year-olds trying to kill me. So watch my back! We have people watching around for Beliebers.”

Luckily I think Jared’s fans will indeed have his back. Sure Beliebers seem scary, but those Supernatural fans will take down anyone who comes after them. Check out the whole interview at E! Online to appreciate all of Jared’s reactions. But first click through the gallery to see some Jensen/Jared hotness. Are you amused by the faux-feud? Sound off in the comments!