Jared Padalecki Receives A ‘Supernatural’ Visit From Baby Son [PHOTOS]

Actor Jared Padalecki had his day made with a surprise visit from his newborn son Thomas on the set of Supernatural in Vancouver, Canada yesterday (August 1, 2012).

The cast and crew, including co-star Jensen Ackles couldn’t get enough of Thomas and crowded around him to say hello. Too adorable!

As for the coming season of Supernatural, look for love and the return of Castiel. Spoilers below!

As for the love part, “We’re looking at what the definition of what a working relationship is,” showrunner Jeremy Carver tells Zap2it. “I think it was Crowley who said to Sam, ‘For the first time in your life, you are well and truly alone.’ Who is the man that walked out of that building? Who is that version of Sam? And who is the type of person who could possibly rebuild that crumbled thing in him?”

Carver is optimistic that fans will be interested in the ups and downs of Sam’s relationship with Amelia — a story which will be told mostly through flashbacks, though Amelia (Liane Balaban) may also appear in the present-day. “I think it works because you’re going to see what this person does for Sam and what he does for her. It’s a very unique, very mature, grown-up relationship,” Carver says.

Castiel is set for appearing in at least eight episodes this coming season. His first appearance in episode 2, though it is not entirely clear what form he will take or how it will impact either Sam or Dean down the line.