Jared Padalecki Introduces Us To His Brand New Son, Shepherd

Shirtless Jared Padalecki
The 'Supernatural' star had a fun time in Rio!
Are you ready for the cutest thing you’re going to see today?

Meet Jared Padalecki’s brand new baby boy, Shepherd Padalecki. Look at the cuteness! Jared’s wife  Genevieve gave us our first look at little Shepherd when she posted the above photo of Twitter. Before this, we didn’t even know his name.

Genevieve captioned the photo, “@jarpad and Shepherd watching some late night #supernatural.” Now that’s some appropriate father/son bonding time. 

Jared then responded to the photo so he could share it with his fans.

So Tom and Shepherd. I really hope they take Shepherd to the farmer’s market and put sunglasses on him. That was my favorite thing they ever did with Tom.

Well folks, here’s to hoping that Jared and Genevieve post way more photos of their kids on Twitter. Ooo! Maybe Jared’s kids can guest star on Misha Collins’ son’s “cooking show,” aka, the best thing ever. Celebrity children are my favorite.