Jared Padalecki: A Look Back At His Infinite Hotness

May 3rd, 2014 // 13 Comments
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Remember back when Jared Padalecki was on Gilmore Girls and we thought he was super adorable as Dean? I miss those days.

These days he’s a father of two beautiful little boys, a husband to Genevieve Padalecki, and one of the stars of the CW‘s hit show, Supernatural.

One thing that definitely hasn’t changed throughout the years is how fun he is to look at.

What is it about this gorgeous man that we all find captivating? Perhaps it’s those beautiful eyes, or that charming smile. Some might argue that it’s the voluminous hair or that brilliant bitchface that keeps all of us coming back.

No matter what our reason is for loving him, I’m sure we can all agree that he’s eternally handsome. Just imagine if he played a vampire instead of a supernatural hunter.

If you need a refresher or the hilarity that is personified in Jared Padalecki, I’d suggest checking out the “Gangnam Style” fan-made video.

Launch our gallery to take a peek at how the actor has maintained his beauty! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

By Erin Cosgrove

  1. Sarah

    What an wonderful post ! Thank you for reminding us Jared Padalecki’s awesomeness once again !

  2. FrothyFoam

    What the hell are you smokin’? Jared Pakalecki is a nobody who’s only claim to fame (aside from being a D LIst actor) is tweeting controversial garbage, just to get his name out there.

    A year after Supernatural goes off the air and he won’t be able to get work doing a Honda commercial.


    • Sali

      I wouldn’t wast anytime to comment about someone I don’t like, you are pathetic hater with no life.

  3. Cheryl J

    Uh, is he missing a chromosome??? Dude looks tarded!

  4. FluffyWhiteLlama

    Sorry, but I lost all respect for him when he said that horrible stuff about PSH’s death while his family was mourning. Unbelievably classless.

    • Aries

      I’m sorry but when you’re rich and famous and basically have everything but as a celebrity you decide to do drugs (because apparently being rich and famous is such a hard thing) your death is stupid. I don’t feel sorry for PSH, I feel sorry for those he left behind. That’s what Jared meant and many people agreed with him. If it wasn’t PSH and was just an anonymous drug addict who also had a family, people wouldn’t be talking about a tragic death. So get over it.

    • Sofya

      Jared was just honest, PSH’s death was stupid, Jared isn’t even the only one who said that, and many people who don’t even know Jared to defend him agreed with him, PSH was injecting himself with drugs although he was about to go and meet his kids, they found amount of drugs in his room like he is drug dealer not just addict, so yes Jared was honest, and his tweets reflected his shock from the news.

  5. WhiskeyAndMascara

    Are the Supernatural actors paying you,Socialite LIfe? What’s with all the articles on these losers? Their stupid show doesn’t even get 2.5 million viewers a week. Jensen is a GOP homophobe and all Jared does is Tweet stupid sh*t to get himself publicity. Stop giving us trash about Trash. Please and thank you.

  6. Melissa

    Thanks for a look at my biggest reason for watching “Supernatural”! Jared was adorable as Dean on Gilmore Girls and is as handsome as ever on Supernatural. But even more importantly, he’s one of the nicest guys in the business today! Anyone who’s met him will tell you what a genuinely warm and caring individual he is. He’s a great actor and very good man.

  7. June

    I love Jared Padalecki, and yes, he is one handsome man. More than that, he is beautiful inside and out. I view him as one of the best actors out there and cannot wait to see what he can do with good script material (which he often doesn’t get on SPN, sadly). Jared is one of the few celebrities who make me happy just for who they are. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  8. Sali

    Thank you so much for this great article, Jared is an amazing actor, and sure he is so handsome man, I watch supernatural because of him, also he is so nice in real life and he loves the fans so much.

  9. Ross

    Like a fine wine , Jared Padalecki is aging great ! Hotter and hotter every year !

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