Jared Leto Rocks Some Seriously Colorful Duds, Claims To Have Never Actually Watched ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

Jared Leto's Former Self
The Singer/Actor Has Changed Drastically In Mere Weeks
Now, is it just me, or does Jared Leto look like he’s wearing a jacket version of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf from Doctor Who?

It totally does, right? I am really liking it. Jared has clearly been into colors for the past few days he’s been in New York City. Why, just yesterday Jared was walking around rocking a pink tank top.

So, you know how some actors don’t like watching themselves on screen? Jared is clearly one of them, because he STILL hasn’t seen Dallas Buyers Club

I remember when he was on Conan and he joked about it, but come on Jared, you’ve won an Oscar for the movie. I think you can safely assume that you’re good in it and that it’ll probably be worth your time to watch.

But, you’re the famous one, so who am I to tell you what to do? Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Jared’s colorful look. Have you seen Dallas Buyers Club? Think he should finally watch it? Sound off in the comments below. Oh and Jared, can I have your jacket please?