Jared Leto Poses For Variety, Talks Amazing Role In ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

Time to Recap
Who joined Jared and won a Golden Globe?
Recent events have given 30 Seconds to Mars frontman, Jared Leto, plenty of reasons to celebrate as of late.

Just Sunday, January 12, he was the recipient of a Golden Globe for his work in Dallas Buyers Club. Following the well-deserved win, the humble performer said, “well, obviously I didn’t prepare a speech.”

Fans have been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for Oscar nominations so they would know whether or not he had a chance to win. Many believe he has everything it takes to be nominated and possibly even win.

Leto fans are in luck! He was nominated this morning for Best Supporting Actor because of his great work as Rayon who was a transgender woman dying of AIDs.

From the sounds of it, the positive response from his acting hasn’t really sunk in. When speaking with Variety, he referred to himself as more of a “dark horse” or an “outsider.” He no longer has to feel like he’s on the outside looking in because he’s definitely involved with the in-crowd now!

A six year hiatus can often be detrimental to someone’s career. Leto believes it has only made him a better actor. He expresses how he feels about the hiatus with, “I think I needed to go away in order to have something to say again.”

Comparing acting to a relationship, he wondered, “am I going to have my heart broken again?’ After contemplation, he decided to see if he could possibly love again.

His audition for the film was somewhat eccentric. While on tour in Berlin, he Skyped with Jean-Marc Vallee. Completely emanating the character as he envisioned her, Leto dressed in a pink furry sweater and wore lipstick.

Originally the character was supposed to be more of a drag queen with a flamboyant nature. It was the man who portrayed her who constantly pushed for her to be what she became on screen.

After such success with the film, one can only wonder if he’ll branch out and act again. Have no fear! He said he will but he has conditions which need to be met. Those are, “a genius director, an impeccable script and an absolutely incredible role with a team of wonderful people.”

Could he take home the Oscar this year? What type of role would you like to see him in next? Sound off in the comments below!