Jared Leto Performs With 30 Seconds To Mars in Paris, Talks Emotional Scene In ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

This Is Amazing!
Check out how Jared dealt with a heckler.
Lucky fans of 30 Seconds of Mars got to see what appears to have been an amazing show in Zenith, Paris.

One song is particular the band performed was the acoustic version of “From Yesterday”. Audience members got very into the tune, enthusiastically singing along. Jared Leto saw a fan a few times and ended up calling them onto stage! Oh, and this isn’t the first time he has made someone feel special.

The actor recently talked with the LA Times about his role as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club.

His most emotional scene to film was also the most pivotal.

If you have watched the movie, you know exactly what one I’m talking about. Rayon dresses in men’s clothing and goes to the bank where her father works.

Leto shared how peculiar it was to dress in a suit and how it felt for the character. He shared, “it’s also a unique scene for Rayon as well because it’s the first and only time that she is wearing men’s clothing. It was strange to wear a suit because I felt like I was dressing in drag.”

Both he and James Dumont knew the scene would be emotional. Neither actor did any sort of rehearsal to prepare. I’d done so much work previously that it didn’t matter what I was wearing — she was on the inside,” he explained, helping us to understand just how connected to the character he was.

After yelling cut, Director Jean-Marc Valle went over with tears streaming down his face and praised the actor for his wonderful work. From there, he had known he had accomplished greatness. Proud, Leto explained how he felt about the scene and the reaction he received immediately. “I knew that it was a really special moment, and it was important to bring that scene to life.”

On a lighter note, Paris seems to be treating Jared well. Check out a shot of him literally cycling through life below!

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