Jared Leto Looks Good At The TIFF Premiere Of ‘Artifact’ [PHOTOS]

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Jared Leto is like some crazed Renaissance man.

He acts, he sings, he directs, he looks amazing in sexy model shots–these all take skill and boy does Jared have them. Jared was all about his directing skills last night as he premiered his new documentary, Artifact, at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Fun fact: Jared directed the documentary under his pseudonym, Bartholomew Cubbins. The movie follows his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, as they record their album This Is War and battle with Virgin Records. From what we’ve been able to gather, the movie seems quite interesting. So who’s the bearded guy with Jared?

His brother! Yup. The bearded man who looks a lot like Jared is none other than Shannon Leto, Jared’s older brother and drummer for 30 Seconds To Mars. I’m a little bit obsessed with this duo. You know they just sit there and have the most brilliant conversations about life.

Launch the gallery to check out all of the photos from the premiere. It’s totally worth it to see the ridiculous faces that Jared makes. Oh Jared, you never fail to amuse.