Jared Leto Knows How To Work Heels On The Set Of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ [PHOTOS]

December 7th, 2012 // 4 Comments

It’s basically not fair that Jared Leto looks better and walks better in a pair of high heels than most of the women I know.

The star was spotted on the set of his latest film, Dallas Buyers Club, today sporting some snazzy heels and a tight black ensemble, which showed off his thin frame. Man, everyone on the set of that movie must be hungry. Jared’s looking super thin and his co-star Matthew McConaughey has shed a bunch of weight for his role as well.

In case you’re wondering what the spots are on Jared’s face, don’t worry, nothing has happened to him. However, in the movie Jared does play a character suffering from AIDS, hence the lesion marks. I wonder if that’s a particularly emotional make-up chair he has to go through?

Well, Jared never has been to shy away from controversial and difficult film roles. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing Dallas Buyers Club. I feel like it could be a very important film for both Jared and Matthew.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Jared’s Rayon. Jealous that he walks so well in heels? Are you looking forward to seeing the movie as well? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Rayon may develop Kaposi’s sarcoma, but she’s still rockin’ the heels, the nails and the make-up!! I can’t wait to see the movie!!

  2. Maxie

    I have a feeling that this will be a really special role for Jared and probably Matthew as well. I wouldn’t be suprised if there was some Oscar buzz.

  3. Haydée

    I want to see the movie already, and some of my friends who do not know Jared are queuing up to see it.

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