Jared Leto Is Rocking The Plaid, Poses With Fake Jesus

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Jared Leto is even more fascinating in gif form.
Jared Leto, he’s so hot right now. (That would have worked better if his name was Hansel.)

The Oscar-winning actor was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday, heading into an office building while looking rather fetching in his plaid shirt. I’m loving those colors on him.

Now let’s get to the very important part of this: Jared Leto hanging out with Jesus. Fake Jesus. It happened, it’s real and it’s amazing. 

Jared posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, “Jesus and I.”

Like, everything about this is perfect. The fact that they look like twins, fake Jesus’ face, Jared’s rather bizarre ensemble, the flowers–I’m obsessed. I wonder if we’ll see F.J.C. popping up in any of 30 Seconds to Mars music videos, cause you know he and Jared are already BFF.

Maybe they’ll even be at Coachella this weekend. After you’ve had your fill of Jared and Jesus, launch the gallery for even more Leto hotness. Seriously, that hair should win awards of its own.