Jared Leto Is A Bit Of A Flirt, Hits On Australian Radio Show Host Sophie Monk

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Jared Leto is even more fascinating in gif form.
There was never any doubt that Jared Leto is a major flirt, right?

Remember how cute he and Lupita Nyong’o were around Oscars season? Well it seems that Jared is continuing his flirting streak, this time with Australian radio show host, Sophie Monk. While promoting 30 Seconds to Mars’ latest tour in the land down under, Jared visited the Australia 2Day FM show.

And it was awesome. Check out the video of his adorable and flirty visit after the jump! 

I mean, sure, Sophie is technically the one who starts it. “I was thinking about maybe you being my boyfriend,” she started, “and then I thought about it and I thought…you can…like God just went you can act, you can sing, you can dress well, you’re super hot. You just got blessed…like…and I only date guys that are not as attractive as me.”

Things escalate when Jared interrupted her with, “And that treat you horribly.” The flirty banter continued, with Jared confirming that he’s single and ready to maybe mingle with Sophie. Enjoy the clip below and prepare to love Jared more than you already do.