Jared Leto & His Blue, Blue Eyes Talk ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ With ‘Flaunt Magazine’

20 Jared Leto Gifs
Jared Leto is even more fascinating in gif form.
OK, do the people over at Flaunt Magazine have some sort of eyes photoshopping specialist? Because I cannot stop staring at Jared Leto’s blue, blue eyes in the latest issue of the magazine.

The future Oscar winner–we can call him that right?–covers The List Issue of Flaunt and obviously he looks amazing.

But the thing about Jared is that it’s not all about the looks. No, behind those blue eyes and perfectly highlighted hair is a guy with a lot to say. 

And not just about movies, but about everything. What about the Earth? “The way that we think about our position in the world, in relationship to the planet, has changed because of the way we travel from place to place. We now look down on the planet rather than looking across.” I feel like I should be constantly amazed by the things that come out of his mouth, but it all just seems right.

Also, don’t think of Jared as someone who takes his success for granted. Because he knows just how lucky he is with Dallas Buyers Club.

“I’ve made a lot of films that have fallen short. Films where we had the right intentions. Independent art house films that we all had high hopes for, but fell short. Gaining sixty-seven pounds for Chapter 27. Yeah, I think I’m willing to risk everything. I don’t say that with any conceits. I say that as a fact. I don’t see there being reward in another way. At least any worthy one. So when they connect with people and the films resonate, or the performance resonates—it’s a really wonderful thing to celebrate that.”

So to sum up: 1) He’s gorgeous, 2) he’s humble, and 3) he’s got quite a brain. I look forward to seeing him at the Oscars this weekend. Launch he gallery to check out all the photos from Jared’s Flaunt photo shoot. And try not to get lost in his eyes.