Jared Leto Has Film Premiere For His Banned Music Video

While 30 Seconds To Mars’ video for “Hurricane” was banned from the television networks, Jared Leto was determined to let the fans see it in it’s full, unedited 13-minute glory. Leto and the band held a premiere at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre last night and followed it with nearly two hours of Q&A with the audience.

“A lot of people have questions about this weird little movie we made,” Leto explained after being introduced as Bartholomew Cubbins, the Seuss-inspired pseudonym under which he directed the short. The short is packed with sexual and violent imagery, but not any worse than your typical R-rated movie so we’re told.

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After all the discussion about why it was banned, etc, Leto then actually grabbed a guitar and performed a solo acoustic version of the track, giving the few hundred fans in the audience more than they could have dreamed for.

Maybe he’s not such a douche after all. But he sure does like getting his photo taken.