Jared Leto Has Amazing Hair, Excited About All The Love For His ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Performance

Poll: Jared or Avan?
Which star has better hair? Jared Leto or Avan Jogia?
We’ve said it before, but it has to be said again, Jared Leto has amazing hair.

While Matt Bomer is busy buzzing his off, Jared is still growing his out, and we could not be more pleased. The 30 Seconds to Mars singer was spotted heading to the Chateau Marmont in LA last night for W Magazine’s celebration of The ‘Best Performances’ Portfolio and the Golden Globes.

Speaking of the Golden Globes, be excited, cause there’s a chance that Jared might win one. 

The hottie is nominated for his amazing performance as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, and he could not be more thrilled with all the attention it’s getting. He told CBS News:

“I think it’s great. It’s wonderful when art and creativity are celebrated. I don’t thumb my nose at it at all. I think it’s a nice thing to do. I’ve been part of a lot of films that haven’t turned out as well as you’ve hoped. You go in with good intentions. But when you make small independent films most of the time, they break your heart. So when they do survive, it’s a wonderful thing to celebrate — a film, a performance, a director.”

I’m really enjoying Jared’s opinions on award shows. He’s talked about the Oscars before, and I totally agree with him. I am very excited to see what happens on Sunday. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from his Chateau outing. Think he has a chance on Sunday? Let us know in the comments!