Jared Leto Films & Directs ‘City Of Angels’ With Michael Jackson Impersonator

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What’s better than Jared Leto singing to you?

Watching him in action!

Jared Leto directed and starred in the 30 Seconds To Mars’ music video for City of Angels on August 17, 2013. 

Jared wore black pants, black combat boots, a black shirt around his waist, and a black leather jacket.

(Ugh, doesn’t he look so good when he wears all black?!)

He hired a Michael Jackson impersonator and had real homeless actors in the production.

Leto flashed the cutest smile as he came across the MJ impersonator.

Right after filming he tweeted, “Just shot Michael Jackson for the #CityofAngels film. Incredible”.

Can’t wait to see what Jared has cooked up this time!