Jared Leto Dines With Terry Richardson And China Chow In Beverly Hills [PHOTOS]

Jared Leto Shirtless
The singer and actor poses for Terry Richardson
Actor/musician extrordinare Jared Leto and his photographer BFF Terry Richardson were seen heading to Mr. Chow last night (February 21, 2013) with with China Chow in Beverly Hills, CA.

Wearing a denim vest over a hoodie, Jared signed a few autographs as he arrived at the restaurant.

Yesterday, Jared held a Q&A session on his Twitter page, and he was his usual straightforward self with his answers. Here a few of his tweets… 

As to which weapons Jared would use in a zombie apocalypse:

My mind. And a machete. 🙂

On how he achieved his success:

I don”t f**k around 😉 (sic)

If he has any heroes:

I have no idols and worship no man

If the new album 30 Seconds to Mars will be similar to the last:

Move forward or die!