Jared Leto Channels His Inner Child At Stockholm Amusement Park

20 Jared Leto Gifs
Jared Leto is even more fascinating in gif form.
Well that sure looks like a ton of fun!

Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars enjoyed a day on a few rides at Grona Lund amusement park before their concert in Stockholm, Sweden earlier yesterday (June 19, 2013).

The band then performed live at the amusement park before a huge crowd of enthusiastic fans.

Jared tweeted about his day… 


The band just played a selection of acoustic songs after scaling the roof of the former Millennium Dome.

They played their set on the roof of the building, to mark the first birthday of the Up At The O2 walkway which takes place later this week.

The band, who will play the venue on November 23 as part of their newly announced nationwide tour, recently charted with single “Up In The Air”, from top five album Love Lust Faith + Dreams.

Check out Jared and the boys having some fun in Stockholm!

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