Jared Leto Braves The New York City Snow, Doesn’t Understand Bashing The Oscars

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Jared Leto is even more fascinating in gif form.
What kind of magical abilities does Jared Leto have that he can wear this giant coat with a fur collar and look attractive?

Maybe it all has to do with that ombre hair of his. As Olivia Wilde wrote on Twitter, “Actual note I just sent my manager, whose job it is to handle crucial decisions: ‘who does Jared Leto’s ombré. This is important.’ “

The Dallas Buyers Club star was spotted in New York City today heading into some snow. Also, who would have pegged Jared as someone to defend the Oscars?  

But that’s exactly what he did. While on HuffPo Live today, Jared was asked what he thought about Michael Fassbender and Joaquin Phoenixcomplaining about the Oscar race.

“They had done it before, so I guess they have every right to complain about it, but I think it’s kind of ridiculous to complain about celebrating art and creativity and your peers. It’s certainly better than not celebrating each other. I’ve been a part of a lot of films where we all had high hopes and things just didn’t turn out the way you had expected or dreamed that they would. When they do turn out in a way that works, and people celebrate, I think it’s a wonderful thing to acknowledge that. This hasn’t been anything but a joy so far.”

And will he be bashing the Oscars as a whole? Nope. Jared said he doesn’t “understand people that thumb their nose at that shit. It’s your peers. If you don’t want to be a part of it, just shut up and go away and don’t be a part of it, I suppose. No one is forcing you to show up at the awards ceremony. Just don’t go.”

I didn’t know I could love him even more. Here’s to hoping that Jared gets that Oscar nomination! And maybe even that win. Launch the gallery to check out just how perfect his hair is and how he good he looks in that coat.