Jared Leto & 30 Seconds To Mars Release Extended ‘This Is War’ Video

How exciting is this!?! Our friends at Buzznet have unveiled the extended version of the 30 Seconds To Mars “This Is War” music video.

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Jared released the following statement to Buzznet about the video:

“We are very proud, excited, and relieved to finally release the incredibly long awaited video for THIS IS WAR. Thank you all for your patience, your curiosity, and support and I have toiled relentlessly to bring this to life. A song and video about the curse AND BLESSING of conflict, its ironic that this ended up one of the most conflict filled processes we have undertaken. But like all conflict, it was a great teacher and we learned a lot. Releasing this now, in this tumultuous but groundbreaking time in the middle east gave us some pause, as there are a few who could misconstrue the violent imagery, but there is a serendipitous nature to the timing as well. We hope that recent events help to underscore the message within the project, that, THIS IS A SONG OF PEACE.”

Now head on over to Buzznet to check out the amazing extended version of the “This Is War” video.