Jared Leto & 30 Seconds To Mars Have Bright Futures

Jared Leto's Former Self
The Singer/Actor Has Changed Drastically In Mere Weeks
Check out these cool cats in their sunglasses.

Jared Leto and his fellow 30 Seconds to Mars bandmates each sported a pair of dark shades at a a press conference in Nuremberg, Germany to promote this year’s Rock am Ring Festival.

Leto, who directs music videos under the pseudonym, Bartholomew Cubbins, recently explained the origin of his not-so-mysterious moniker as being one of his favorite characters from Dr. Seuss.

I wanted not to have any of the distractions that may come along with putting my name on a video that I was starring in, that I wrote the song for, that I was in the band of. It’s the worst-kept secret out there.

Well, let’s just hope these boys wear plenty of sunscreen this summer as they look positively vampiric. I suspect they sparkle in the sunlight.