January Jones Style V Palin

January Jones was front and centre at the Versace Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show during fashion week on 24 September 2010, looking dazzling as per usual in a bright-red, fringed dress.

The Huffington Post
have decided to take offence to her outfit, deciding that it looks to similar to Bristol Palin’s outfit from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. First of all, it’s called Dancing With The Stars – since when is Bristol Palin a star? That DIRE cameo in The Secret Life of The American Teenager hardly counts? OK, it was hilarious – but one hilariously bad cameo doesn’t not a star make. Come on! The dance show manages to convince 80’s icon Jennifer Grey to be one of its contestants and then it goes and gets Bristol Palin?!?

Oh dear, took a slight detour to Rant City there, apologies. But back to Ms Jones and the case of the red dress. Of course January didn’t copy Bristol. January is a Mad Men goddess who probably doesn’t even know that Bristol exists.

What I’m perplexed about is Jones’ companion in the front row. Is that Eric McCormack from Will and Grace? Will, is that you?? Oh how I’ve missed you on my screen. How are you and January Jones friends?? So many questions! Oh wait, it’s not Will. My mistake.