January Gessert Insists She Didn’t Touch Kim Kardashian’s Bush

Ha Ha, her Reggie Bush. How could I resist?

These days it’s hard to imagine a break up with out a cheating scandal, but January Gessert swears she did not have inappropriate relations with Kim Kardashian’s then-boyfriend Reggie Bush on March 16th. Radar Online has pictures of Gessert creeping out of Bush’s house at 7am and reports from The National Enquirer that she made some contradictory statements about knowing him.

Yesterday, while Kim sunned and shopped in Miami, January took a page for the Michael Lohan’s book and held a press conference from her attorney’s office. She pouted while her lawyer talked and then read a statement and took questions. She insists she never touched Bush and that they have been friends for five years with nothing romantic going on. She says that the on night in questions, a couple of friends were also staying at Bush’s house.

You have to watch the video after the jump in which January’s attorney spends about two-thirds of time plugging Gessert’s singing career and January and her Dylan McKay eyebrow make her acting coach cringe with a dramatic reading of “media tsunami” victim. It’s painful. And this gal doesn’t think that not selling your story to the tabloids proves innocence. I think it proves you don’t want to be seen as the next Michelle McGee.

So who to believe less…The National Enquirer or January Ryan with music to be found at januaryryan.com?