January Jones Spotted With Baby Xander As Nude Pics From ‘Sweetwater’ Movie Leak Online

January Jones & Lil Xander
New Mad Mom Takes Adorable New Son Xander Out Shopping
Actress January Jones was spotted taking her son Xander to a baby class yesterday (September 17, 2013) in West Hollywood, California. The Jones’ name cannot stop popping up in the news as of late.

Photos have surfaced of the 35-year-old Jones topless (NSFW) from her new film Sweetwater, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. However, now that the film, billed on IMDB.com as Sweet Vengeance, has debuted on DVD in the UK, stills from the movie emerged online of a half-naked Jones.

Jones is also making news do to that pesky rumor in which it was reported that Liam Hemsworth sent Jones a naughty text message. This was just days before news of Liam and Miley splitting up hit the fan, in which January’s rep says that she has nothing to do with the couple’s split. 

Also, Hemsworth’s rep vehemently denied the report, calling it “tabloid fiction.”

What’s funny, or probably not so funny in their eyes, is that all the two probably did was chat at the Oscars party, got photographed leaving the party at the same time and that was it.

Check out the pics of January with baby Xander by launching the gallery.

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