January Jones Pregnancy Cravings

January Jones spent a nice day outside with her growing baby bump. Jones was on her way to eat at Little Dom’s restaurant in Los Angeles, California yesterday (July 27). There have been many sightings of Jones running to fast food spots due to those pregnancy cravings.

Those yoga classes must be working because she doesn’t look as if she has gained any weight. I want to know who knocked up this gorgeous actress because she hasn’t revealed the father of her baby. Maybe she is a lesbian and was artificially inseminated…just kidding. I just wanted to kill the hopes of all the men in the world who are lusting after this blonde bombshell.

PHOTOS: January Jones Going To Yoga Classes

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is very supportive of Jones having a baby. He doesn’t know if he will hide the bump while filming or if Jones will end up with a body double..

“She has wanted this very badly. She’s got a big heart and she’s been talking about having children since I met her, which is not always common with actresses.‘I think she’s going to be an amazing mother,” says Weiner

Jones is expected to have her first child in autumn.