Janice Dickison’s The Life Of The Party

April 25th, 2006 // 8 Comments

You know Janice Dickinson has made a name of herself, when we received two emails in one day about Janice Dickinson encounters. First off we have Janice at the 2xist Undwear Release Party, with a few of her models that you probably recognize from the opening of her modeling agency.

The second encounter was at NYC’s East Village gay hotspot, Eastern Bloc (in the old Wonderbar space). She tossed back a few shots, and by the look of things in the photos below, she was a few sheets to the wind. She does the the booze and the gays.

(Bottom images via Entry Level Heiress, and thanks to JC for the top image)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I saw her on the tyra show. She needs SERIOUS help. She seems kind’ve funny but she also comes off as annoying as hell. I feel bad for her son. I seen his myspace page. He looks like he needs help too.

  2. las

    If this woman is still alive in twenty years, then she will be a tight-faced geriatric bag still trying to party, look young, and creaking that “I’m the world’s first supermodel! Kiss my foot!”

  3. I think D Listed had a pic with her and her 12 year old daughter.. and she was so embarrased to be with her mom, you could tell in the photo!!

  4. Kris

    Janice must be worried. There are so many celeb nutters out there now she’ll be taking a backseat to even the C-Listers. I won’t be surprised to see her pull out all the stops here in the next few weeks. (If she doesn’t OD first, that is.)

    Janice D = Skank personified

  5. hey its the ugly side of modelling!

  6. kristina

    what is doing with a drink in her hand….she’s said many times that she was an alcholic. Definitly can’t handle the booze.

  7. shannon

    i just finished janice’s book. loved it,couldn’t put it down.. i have a new understanding and different opinion of janice now. janice if you read this i just want you to know that my heart goes out to you. we’ve shared the same childhood experiences. take it one day at a time and to hell with anyone who judges you. i wish you best.

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