Janice Dickinson’s Wacky Drunken Finland Adventure – Remains Of The Day

Janice Dickinson took to Finland for her latest alcohol-laden, expletive-filled appearance.

For Finland’s Next Top Model, Dickinson was flown overseas to judge a portion of the competition. After a few glasses of wine at the model’s house, Dickinson’s speech started to slur and later slipped down a flight of stairs.

In the clip, Dickinson complains about her leg “not working” and then proceeds to call the models “stupid” and “f—ing dumb.” “Do something, you stupid models! Call a f—ing ambulance! You’re so stupid,” she says.

“All you do is pose. You’re all so f—ing dumb,” she continues.

Dickinson returns to the house to apologize and explains that she took a sleeping aide with champagne when she meant to take a Vitamin C.

“I don’t remember the things that I said, and that’s wrong. And I want to say that I’m so incredibly sorry and I misbehaved,” she said. “And I hope you can find it inside your heart to accept my apology because I’m very, very, sorry. It shouldn’t have happened.”

Of course it shouldn’t have happened your crazy drunk bitch! That said, we don’t have room for any other celebrities in today’s remains gallery, just Janice’s crazy ass.

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