Janice Dickinson Is Back On TV For ‘Celebrity Rehab’

Dr. Drew Pinsky is yet again about to get a handful of celebrity BS, served addiction-style.

We’ll be subjected to the celebrity whining of Jeremy London (hopefully we’ll get the story on that ‘abduction’ business), crazy Janice Dickinson (which is funny that she used to have her own show), The Hills’ Jason Wahler, Rachel Uchitel (a Tiger Woods mistress does not a celebrity make), Leif Garrett (surprise!), Frankie Lons (mother of Keyshia Cole…boring!), and oil heir Jason Davis.

I love that filming had been delayed because they couldn’t find a strong enough cast. If you ask me, this cast is still shit. Why did they axe Tila Tequila?

The group will undergo 21 days of intense detoxification and treatment at the Pasadena Recovery Center. VH1 hasn’t set a premiere date, only saying the eight-episode season will debut later this year.

As they say in showbiz, you have to strike while the iron is hot, even if the heat from that iron is due to your drug and alcohol addiction problems spilling into the press and legal system.