Janice Dickinson Is Armed & Fabulous

May 14th, 2009 // 3 Comments

After a night out at the Nobu restaurant in Los Angeles, the last thing Janice Dickinson wanted to deal with was a gang of paparazzi waiting for her at her car.

Swatting at the gathering crowd with her scarf, Janice looked ready to throw down with the videographers and photogs. In fact, she singled out one guy for some special attention, but he managed to scurry away before Janice could get her talons into him and teach him a lesson about invading the personal space of supermodels.

Gallery Info: Janice Dickinson lashes out at photographers at Nobu restaurant.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Nicky

    Don’t mind the shoes but she looks bad bad bad and look at her weird boobs. That’s one bad boob job.

  2. Jacq

    Umm, I think you meant be learned a lesson about getting to close to the WORLD’S FIRST supermodel. I’m surprised she hasn’t legally changed her name to include that.


    OH my God, Get off the STAGE already!!!!!!! She looks like a hooker!!

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