Janice Dickinson Scares The Paparazzi At Benefit

February 28th, 2006 // 17 Comments

We get it Janet. You’re “crazy” and “wild,” because of all of your inner pain. Janice Dickinson worked the red carpet at Elevate Hope Foundation’s “Circle of Passion” event, and proceeded to make a fool of herself during her entire walk down the red carpet.

The unpredictable former supermodel will make a guest appearance on the season premiere (March 8) on America’s Next Model.

Many more photos of a wild and crazy Janice Dickinson working the red carpet, after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    1.) Janice is now so whacked out of her mind on drugs, she is apparently wearing small woodland creatures on her eyelids.

    2.) She was a model for christ’s sake- she knows how to strike a pose without looking like she is taking a shit- fully clothed… and on the Red Carpet. Bad girl!

    3.) The only show she would be on is Intervention on Bravo…

    She may claim to have been the world’s first Supermodel (I disagree), but now she is just Super Sad.

    DING! Her 15 are up….

  2. tia

    Janice is straight up psycho but I aint got nuthing but love for her crazy ass. I think she is cool as fuck. GO AHEAD JANICE !!! YOU GO AHEAD AND BE A PSYCHO HOE !!!

    i am not against having fun at any age but, come on!!!!! i think it’s time to cover yourself, Janice!!!!

  4. Kelsey

    I think her eye lashes weigh more than she does!

  5. 2 Old 4 This

    Well at least she’s wearing this season’s hottest fashion accessory:

    The “unintentional” nipple flash

  6. Green Eyed Angel

    Do you see how her nails are so short? That’s from trying to desperately claw yourself into the public eye.
    “Help! Help! I need attention quick or I will vanish!”

  7. DJ

    She looks like she is trying to drop a load in that second picture!

  8. susiegrl

    She must be signaling to Bobbie Brown to come and dig her doodie-bubble out!

  9. Small Fry

    She appears to be channeling Cujo.

    Susiegrl, that was awesome….Hell to the no!

  10. tsarinaamanda

    She is the scariest looking thing I have seen in a long time-does anyone really want to see her, or worse, hear her any more? The Surreal Life made me hate her, now can she please just give it up? It’s sad how she is clinging to an “accomplishment” from 30 years ago but she still thinks she’s A-list. Get over yourself., Janice, where’s Omarosa when you need her?

  11. Mark

    I think she looks hot for an old broad. I would band her hard and fast.

  12. Mark

    That was BANG.

  13. roxanne

    Janice is a flippin crazy-ass-mother-fucker…When she was on America’s Next Top Model i thought she was pretty funny and bluntly honest. But on the surreal life. Ugh! she was so annoying, and now she just scares me…”Janice no one cares that you were the first Crack HeadSuper-model”

  14. Silasdog

    Susiegirl, GirlyGirl & SmallFry, you people have me dying over here. These are the best laughs I’ve had this week. Hey, this bitch’s mind has left the planet but she hasn’t realized it yet. What’s with the “I need to take a dump from my rump” pose?

  15. eS

    This woman is effin nuts. Has anyone read her (obviously ghostwritten) books? She’s a schizoid, who apparently thinks she’s hot still — her face has ben pulled into a strange stretched look.

    And never mind her age, she would look stupid at any age, acting like that.

  16. janice

    what are you talking about i think she is perfectly normal? btw i am Janice hahaha

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