Janice Dickinson Has A Potty Mouth

July 29th, 2005 // 14 Comments

It seems to be getting her into trouble again. Janice Dickinson’s foul mouth is apparently offending some of the members of her West Hollywood gym, Equinox.

One fed-up staffer at the Equinox sweat shop called us to complain that the self-proclaimed “world’s first supermodel” has been hurling abuse at her fellow gym rats. “She had a meltdown in the ladies’ locker room and started calling everyone the c-word,” claimed our snitch. “She is very abusive and out-of-control. Some people are leaving the gym because of her behavior. The management has had meetings about her, but they haven’t approached her yet.” But Dickinson denied all. “Every time I go, people are very nice to me,” she told us from the set of TV’s “Charmed,” where she was filming a cameo. “I’ve got a lot of [bleeping] enemies. I’m confounded. Maybe people are trying to make me look like Naomi Campbell, but I’m not Naomi Campbell, I’m Janice Dickinson. I’m sure there are a lot of really angry ladies there because I do have an amazing body . . . There’s a lot of angry, jealous bitches.”

No sweetie, you are not Naomi Campbell. She’s not filled with so much plastic. Janice also seems to be everywhere as of late.

Model: I’m No Gym Bitch [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. An

    Has anyone seen Janice on the “Surreal Life?” OMG-the woman’s neck has more wrinkles than a shar-pei!!! Woman has had way too much surgery…

  2. *Micha*

    Janice D. has a potty everything…

  3. Brian

    Come on people…….give Janice some credit….she looks pretty damn good for a 60 year old.

  4. Geigh

    I’ve seen better looking transexuals

    in the meat packing district.


  5. J

    Well, that statement sure did resolve the issue. “there are alot of angry, jealous bitches…” … smart.

  6. An

    Okay, I totally give Janice credit for looking good for a 60 year old. But a freaky looking 60 year old. She’s got a slammin’ body for a senior.

  7. medea

    60 years old? I thought she was 95.

  8. S

    I go to Equinox and am in constant contact with Janice. She is vulgar, classless, loud and an attention whore. She is contantly reaching in her pants to adjust her g string, her tits almost fall out of her top, she yells across the room to guys that she has to take a dump, she shaves her pubic hair at the locker room sink, she is foul. The trainers can’t stand her, but put up with her because she hasn’t really broken any rules, so they can’t kick her out. They all laugh about her because she is always hitting on them, but they wouldn’t touch her. Yes, she has a great body, but soul is rancid.

  9. Ferg

    I don’t get her appeal. Shes repulsive.

  10. urg

    u idiot. it is illegal to shave your pubes in a locker room gym sink. they fined me for it.

  11. em

    Janice is totally foul, especially because she continues to insist people are jealous of her and her “supermodel” status. Too bad she is always the one reminding people she is/was a supermodel. I doubt that would be necessary if she really was. I think she gets off on being vulgar, so when people complain she can just say they are jealous.

  12. Carl Anderson

    You know whats really tragic about such an immature person like Janice Dickinson? Not that she is vulgar and foul mouthed and that is used as a defense mechanism, but what is worse is how people around her choose to tolerate her. Thats the REAL tragedy. Not only that, but these same people will ignore kind people with class to turn their attention to a Janice Dickinson. I guess some people are just exponentially dumb and don’t think.

  13. brooke

    I met Janice (or rather was subjected to her bizarre behavior) recently at the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel. I had a conversation with her very nice date, the architect of the hotel, and we were talking about design, while she attempted to sing a Rod Stewart (“if you want my body…”) at me. After having an inane conversation with her about Rod Stewart, she told me to go back to my bitches. It was unbelievable funny and I told her she was very bratty. her man had a good laugh. Those kind of people, well, you just can’t take them seriously. She’s just mental.

  14. unonymous

    janice is to pretty everyones jealous,,,yeah, a few surgeries big deal…the woman looks pretty damn good for her age and those asshole new top models dont compare

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