Janice Dickinson Has A Potty Mouth

It seems to be getting her into trouble again. Janice Dickinson’s foul mouth is apparently offending some of the members of her West Hollywood gym, Equinox.

One fed-up staffer at the Equinox sweat shop called us to complain that the self-proclaimed “world’s first supermodel” has been hurling abuse at her fellow gym rats. “She had a meltdown in the ladies’ locker room and started calling everyone the c-word,” claimed our snitch. “She is very abusive and out-of-control. Some people are leaving the gym because of her behavior. The management has had meetings about her, but they haven’t approached her yet.” But Dickinson denied all. “Every time I go, people are very nice to me,” she told us from the set of TV’s “Charmed,” where she was filming a cameo. “I’ve got a lot of [bleeping] enemies. I’m confounded. Maybe people are trying to make me look like Naomi Campbell, but I’m not Naomi Campbell, I’m Janice Dickinson. I’m sure there are a lot of really angry ladies there because I do have an amazing body . . . There’s a lot of angry, jealous bitches.”

No sweetie, you are not Naomi Campbell. She’s not filled with so much plastic. Janice also seems to be everywhere as of late.

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